This project is my first detailed environment CG illustrations. My main goal was to learn how to use Quixel Megascans assets into my workflow. Some of the shaders I made procedurally in Quixel Mixer. I tried to make some kind of the mystery, storytelling vibe but just left a little bit hint for the audience to image the background of the concept. I also tried few different lighting setups that can help for more imaginary.  
The whole project made with Cinema 4D, Octane Render, X-Particles, Megascans, Quixel Mixer, After Effects. Most of the works made in 1 day, and the render time was around 5~8 hours in 4K resolution with 3*1080ti.

LOST vol. 1

LOST vol. 2

LOST vol. 3

LOST vol. 4

Clay Render



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